An exclusive invitation only event, hosted by Industrial Commercial Partners (ICP):

Rebuilding Australian Businesses:  Outlook for industrial and commercial property beyond the pandemic

Bernard Salt

You are invited to the exclusive online event with the partners of ICP and one of Australia’s leading social commentators and business analysts, Bernard Salt.  Bernard is the managing director of The Demographics group, writes for The Australian and is adjunct professor at Curtin University Business School.

In this presentation demographer Bernard Salt scopes out the trends likely to reshape Australian cities and business in the 2020s. Australia prospered in the decade after WWI and again after WWII largely because we were seen as a safe haven for migrants, visitors and tourists.  In the years beyond the pandemic, Australia will again recover, we will build new businesses and remodel the way we live, work and play in our major cities.  Bernard Salt is an experienced presenter with a clear and evidence-based view of the pathway ahead.  This is a presentation not to be missed.

This lunchtime event will be hosted online, so we invite you to join us from the comfort of your office or home.

We look forward to hosting your online attendance.

From the Partners of Industrial Commercial Partners – Facey Property (VIC), Link Property Services (NSW), FAL Property Group(QLD) and MLV Commercial and Industrial Real Estate (WA) and our sponsors Facey Owners Corp and Incendia Fire Services.

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